Stockmeister Construction Services has made its mark on on many medical centers.

Project Details

Because of the daily demand for healthcare, Stockmeister Construction Services has made its mark on the field by playing a key role in the design, development, and construction of many of the medical centers available to those in need.

Stockmeister’s experience involves the manufacturing of emergency rooms, ambulatory services, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and care centers. An example of Stockmeister expertise is the complete construction of Holzer of Jackson, Ohio. This project was completed through the combined efforts of the construction management and design-build contractors, general and electrical contractors, and mechanical contractors. 

Stockmeister Construction Services understands the substantial evolution of the field of medicine and emergency service in recent years and is prepared to help meet the demands of the modern medical field. With proficiency in this field, Stockmeister will meet all standards and continue to grow as the industry does.